Mary White Scholarship

Mary White Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded annually to the student who over the year’s course excels in his/her application and general progress in Classical studies.


Based on a class enrolment of at least 20 students the award will total Euro 1,000 to the successful candidate. The bursary will be made as a contribution to the candidate’s further studies or training.


In the event of the number of candidates being less than 20, the bursary will amount to the number of students enrolled times Euro 50 (ie 15 students will equal a bursary of Euro 750).


Mary White, whose name is associated with this scholarship is a lady whose life has been an inspiration to me in her unfailing example of hard work, generous giving and self-sacrifice for others.


She is a member of the Aisling Centre, founded by Christine Buckley and the motto of the Centre is taken from the 1916 Proclamation:


“To cherish all the children of the nation equally”



Neil Dargan.